Harvest Recap 2017


Fall of 2017 challenged us again with too much rain.  We began harvesting soybeans in late September before the rain began.  We received over 5″ of rain in one night on several of our farms.  Harvest was intermittent throughout October but we did complete it about November 15th.  Although challenging, yields were very good.  Top corn yields averaged on some well tiled farms over 250 bu/acre, soybeans were in high 60’s and sugarbeets topped out in high 30’s on tons/acre on some farms.  We proved to ourselves once again that our strip tillage efforts are rewarding us with better soil structure as we didn’t leave major tracks in fields or get equipment stuck.  This was our first fall with a 1000 bushel grain cart on tracks and this proved to be a great asset with the soft ground conditions.  Fall weather continued to be nice even after Thanksgiving so we were able to hire some tile work done and the guys were busy repairing old tile issues we found on many farms. Our strips were all done in good conditions and fertilizer applied to be prepared for next spring.  We will stay busy through the winter months doing maintenance and cleaning up all our equipment.  We also will be hauling some grain to fill contracts we have.  Never a dull moment as there is always something to do!

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